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Welcome from the JBAB Commander:

 JBAB Teammate,
My warmest welcome to you and your family, and congratulations on your assignment to Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB).  This is an extraordinary time to be joining our team, and we're extremely excited to have you here!  JBAB is an installation with a rich history, and you are joining a team that adds to that legacy every day.  I hope you find this assignment the best you’ve ever had.
Much has changed on JBAB in the last year as the Air Force District of Washington and counterpart Navy commands laid plans for the base transfer from Navy to Air Force responsibility.  We officially transferred base authority on October 1, 2020, in the Department of Defense's first-ever service lead transfer.  Today, we are in "Initial Operating Capability" as we continue standing up our wing, its processes and programs, and we are working toward "Full Operating Capability" by October 1, 2022.  What you see today is a far larger Air Force footprint than what the base had last year, and we're continuing to grow both in personnel size and in mission capability.
If your future assignment is with the 11th Wing, you'll be joining "The Chiefs Own" and aiding your    leaders and teammates in standing up your respective units.  You will be an Airman assigned to an Air Force wing just recently activated on a previously Navy-run base.  You'll be helping organizations build the foundational unit processes that each of us is familiar with in our respective Air Force squadrons.  In building this foundation, there will be great opportunities to create a premier wing with a focus on Readiness, Partnerships, and Heritage, and laying the groundwork for what I fully expect will be the best wing and installation in our United States Air Force. 
To those of you whose assignment is with any of our approximately 70 mission partners on the installation, you should expect to receive exemplary base support from the outstanding teammates who make up "The Chiefs Own."  We are continuing to build on lasting relationships with each of our mission partners.  Your success in your respective unit is a success for the 11th Wing as the host unit to the installation and for all of Team JBAB.
To every JBAB teammate, what you do matters.  Never forget how impactful you are, and I ask that you do everything with H.E.A.R.T. – Honesty, Effort, Attitude, Respect, and Teamwork.  Through these actions, we create a healthy environment and culture for everyone to thrive.  You are part of multiple critical missions for the DoD with worldwide reach and impact.  Just as we rely on our hearts for life every second of every day, the Nation relies on you to be the best you can be in your respective mission sets here in the heart of the National Capital Region.
I look forward to meeting you and learning more about you as we bring Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling into the future - together.
                                                                               CATHERINE M. LOGAN, Colonel, USAF

Inbound and Visitor Resources
  • Base Access
    Force Protection is the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling commander’s #1 priority.  Providing a safe haven for our team to execute their important National Defense Strategy missions, or for our residents to live and play, is vital to our success.  Everyone who works or lives here plays an active role in this priority. 
    Gate Hours and Operations
    Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) is a closed installation and proper identification is required to access the base.  All personnel entering a federal installation are subject to a vehicle inspection.  Additionally, the following items are not permitted to bring onto the installation:  illegal materials (i.e. drugs, drug paraphernalia, etc.), explosives, weapons and unauthorized ammunition.
    Security Forces conducts 100% hands-on of all identification cards (windows rolled down, sunglasses off, and masks lowered) at every installation gate.
    South Gate (Intersection of Chappie James Blvd and Overlook Ave SW): 
    Open 24/7
    Arnold Gate (Intersection of Malcom X Ave SE and MacDill Blvd SE):
    Open Monday – Friday, Hours 5 a.m. – 8 p.m.
    Firth Sterling Gate (Intersection of Firth Sterling Ave SW and Defense Blvd): 
    Open Monday – Friday, Hours 6:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
    Firth Sterling Pedestrian Turnstiles:  Open 24/7 for DoD ID cardholders only with access code (to register for access code, call (202) 767-0970)
    Joint Visitor Center
    256 McGuire Ave, Washington, D.C. 20032
    (202) 767-5505
    Monday – Friday, Hours 5 a.m. – 4 p.m.

    JBAB currently authorizes “UNESCORTED/ESCORTED ACCESS” procedures.  This authorization allows sponsors to escort visitors onto JBAB, who provide a valid State or Federal photo ID, without having to process through our Joint Visitor’s Center (JVC).  This procedure continues 100% ID checks for all members transiting the base.  However, we are not requiring visitors to obtain a base pass from the JVC as long as they remain with their sponsor for the duration of the visit.  For extended stays, where the visitor may be separated from the sponsor, we require the normal vetting through the JVC.  To help, the following definitions are provided:
    1. “UNESCORTED ACCESS” – Individual possesses an authorized access credential (e.g. – Common Access Card (CAC), Dependent/Retiree ID, DBIDS pass, base pass provided after JVC vetting, etc.) and will present to the gate Sentry for clearance onto the base. 
    2. “ESCORTED ACCESS” (i.e. - non-CAC holders) – Sponsoring individual must accompany, and remain with at all times (unless cleared through the JVC vetting process), the individual(s) they are escorting onto the installation.  Sponsors can only escort up to five (5) personnel at one time.  All visitors must possess, and present upon request, a valid State or Federal photo ID (e.g. – driver’s license, passport, etc.).  *At any time, visitors may be required to proceed to the JVC to obtain a Base Pass by Security Forces.   

    Base Access For Those on National Criminal Registries
    As of  November 1, 2021, the Defense Biometric Identifications System (DBIDS) is going to sync with the National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR) and Violent Persons File (VPF) data base.  Personnel entering the installation will be flagged if they are found in either data bases.  Individuals will be denied entry to Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB), even if they may have previously been granted access prior to this update.  The denied persons will need to submit an Exception to Policy (ETP) request to the JBAB Installation Commander for continued entry.  This process is not reciprocal; meaning if someone is identified on the NSOR/VPF and is granted access to a nearby installation, they must also request access to JBAB and vice versa.  Additional information can be found in the NSOR/VPF Trifold to include how to submit an Exception to Policy. 
    Any questions can be directed to 11th Security Forces Squadron’s Report & Analysis Section at 202-284-4014/4025.

    Foreign Nationals are NOT authorized to enter the installation/base under the “Escorted Access” category.  To gain access onto JBAB, government sponsoring agencies of foreign nationals on official visits MUST:
    1.  Coordinate requirements with the Joint Visitor Center.
    2.  Provide a documented valid purpose for installation/base access. 
    Foreign nationals on unofficial visits MUST coordinate with the Joint Visitor Center at least 30-days prior to the visit in order to be vetted by the Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI).  For more information, call (202) 404-2924 or email
    For personnel seeking UNESCORTED installation/base access up to 90 days, use the JBAB Base Access Registration Form linked below. 
    For a long term installation/base pass (up to 1 year maximum pending approval), use the Unescorted Access Request Form link below.
    For groups of six (6) or more personnel seeking installation/base access for special events (weddings, parties, promotion ceremonies, etc.), use the special event process established by our Joint Visitor Center.  The Special Event Access Request Form can be accessed by the link below. 
    It is highly encouraged to submit special events and long term pass requests with as much notice as possible to prevent any delays (minimum of 7 days in advance).  NOTE:  Visitors are not granted access until the request has been approved by the 11th SFS.  The sponsor is responsible for all visitors throughout their visit on the installation.  Any violation or deviation from good order could result in the immediate removal of all visitors and notification to the sponsoring unit/member’s command/organization.
    Save time! Fill out the required forms in advance.
    Click here for the Special Event Access Request Form
    Click here to fill out the JBAB Base Access Registration Form
    Click here to fill out the Unescorted Access Request Form (For Long Term Base Passes)
    NOTE:  All personnel entering JBAB are obligated to follow Sentry directions and remain subject to all security Random Anti-Terrorism Measure Schedules. 
    REAL ID Act
    All drivers’ licenses must be in compliance with the REAL ID Act.  Please click for more info about the REAL ID  
    Vehicle Registration
    In order for visitors to obtain driving access to the installation, they must present valid photo identification (i.e. driver’s license, passport, state ID, etc); physical proof of valid vehicle registration and valid insurance (digital insurance cards are acceptable however photographs of insurance cards will not be accepted).  Base access will be denied without this documentation. 
  • Directions to JBAB

    From Route 1:

    • Follow U.S. 1 N
    • ​Take the I-95N/I-495 E ramp toward Baltimore
    • Merge onto 1-495 N/I-95 N
    • Take exit 2A-2B for I-295 N toward Washington/National Harbor
    • Keep left to continue on exit 2B, follow signs for I-295 N/Washington
    • Continue onto I-295 N
    • Take exit 1 toward Laboratory Rd/US Naval Research Lab
    • Turn right onto Overlook Ave SW
    • Follow signs for JBAB

    From I-95 N Virginia:

    • Follow I-95 N toward Washington
    • Keep left at the fork to stay on I-95 N, follow signs for I-495/Baltimore
    • Keep right at the fork to continue on I-495 E/I-95 N, follow signs for Telegraph Road/Alexandria
    • Take exit 2A-2B for I-295 N toward Washington/National Harbor
    • Keep left to continue on exit 2B, follow signs for I-295 N/Washington
    • Continue onto I-295 N
    • Take exit 1 toward Laboratory Rd/US Naval Research Lab
    • Turn right onto Overlook Ave SW
    • Follow signs for JBAB

    From MD-295 S:

    • Follow MD-295 S/Baltimore Washington Pkwy
    • Continue onto District of Columbia Hwy 295
    • Continue onto Anacostia Fwy
    • Continue onto I-295/Anacostia Fwy S
    • Take the exit toward D.C. Village/Blue Plains/Academy
    • Merge onto Overlook Ave SW
    • Follow signs for JBAB

    From I-95 S:

    • Follow I-95 S toward Washington
    • Take the I-95/I-495 S/Washington S/Richmond S exit on the left
    • Merge onto I-495 S/I-95 S
    • Take exit 22B for Balt/Wash Pkwy toward Washington
    • Merge onto MD-295
    • Continue onto Anacostia Fwy
    • Continue onto I-295/Anacostia Fwy S
    • Take the exit toward D.C. Village/Blue Plains/Academy
    • Merge onto Overlook Ave SW
    • Follow signs for JBAB

      From Loudon County/Dulles:

    • Follow VA-267 E
    • Take exit 18A for I-495
    • Keep right at the fork, follow signs for I-495 S
    • Merge onto I-495 S
    • Keep right at the fork to continue on I-495 E/I-95 N, follow signs for Telegraph Road/Alexandria
    • Take exit 2A-2B for I-295 N toward Washington/National Harbor
    • Keep left to continue on exit 2B, follow signs for I-295 N/Washington
    • Continue onto I-295 N
    • Take exit 1 toward Laboratory Rd/US Naval Research Lab
    • Turn right onto Overlook Ave SW
    • Follow signs for JBAB
    Transportation of Privately Owned Firearms on JBAB and the Surrounding National Capital Region

    11th Security Forces Squadron

    Recently, requests for carrying and transporting personally owned weapons have increased.  Those with privately owned weapons must keep the following things in mind to prevent mishaps or misconduct while on Joint Base Anacostia Bolling (JBAB) and in the surrounding National Capital Region.  The following are some expectations from JBAB’s Installation Defense Plan, United States Code and laws from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.:

    INQUIRY 1:  Can I carry a concealed weapon on the installation?
    ANSWER 1:  No, concealed carry on a federal installation is prohibited IAW 18 U.S.C.   Further, the Installation Defense Plan states; Privately owned firearms, which are located on a person, under one’s direct control (e.g. in a purse/backpack, etc…), or within reach, regardless if it’s loaded or unloaded, is not authorized on JBAB except by credentialed federal, state, and local law enforcement personnel in performance of official duties.  NOTE:  Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) credentialed personnel must adhere to the same provisions.  There are no allowances for LEOSA credentialed personnel to carry weapons on JBAB.  

    INQUIRY 2:  Can I transport my privately owned firearms on the installation since I am authorized to conceal carry/carry off the installation via certifications/LEOSA?
    ANSWER 2:  Yes you may transport on to the installation from the installation gate to housing residence or armory.  When transporting, you must configure the weapon to meet the following standard upon entry to the installation:  Privately owned firearms will be completely unloaded (no magazine or ammunition in the weapon) and will not be readily available or within reach of vehicle occupants during transportation. If vehicle configuration does not allow privately owned firearms to be out of reach of vehicle occupants, then they must be in a locked container.
    NOTE:  You may leave your properly configured weapon in your vehicle until you leave base at which point you can reassume your preferred configuration.  Additionally, no stops will be made between the installation gate and the final destination on the installation.  
    INQUIRY 3:  Where can I store my privately owned weapons if I live in the dorms or in base housing?

    ANSWER 3:  All installation personnel who reside in family housing will register their weapons with the 11th Security Forces Squadron (SFS) Armory, Bldg. 421 within 72 hours of arrival on the installation.
    Personnel are allowed to maintain their privately owned weapons in family housing after registering as indicated above.
    Privately owned weapons of personnel residing in unaccompanied housing (dormitories/billeting) must be immediately secured in the 11 SFS Armory upon arrival to the base with full registration completed within 72 hours.  Weapons are not authorized in unaccompanied housing. 
    INQUIRY 4:  How can I Carry, Transport and Store privately owned firearms off Installation?

    ANSWER 4:  If carrying, transporting and storing firearms in Maryland, the following requirements apply:
    • Maryland’s concealed carry gun laws only authorize Maryland Wear and Carry Handgun permit holders. Maryland does not honor permits from any other states.
    • You must have a valid carry permit if you carry, wear, or transport a handgun in Maryland.
    • Weapons may be transported but must be in a container and the ammunition must be separated for non-permit holders.
    • Magazine capacity will not exceed 10 rounds.
     If carrying, transporting and storing firearms in Virginia, the following requirements apply:
    • Concealed carry is legal with a license/permit. Virginia honors all out-of-state concealed carry permits provided the individual is at least 21 years of age, carries a photo ID issued by a government agency, displays his/her permit or license upon demand by a law enforcement officer, and the holder has not previously had a Virginia concealed handgun permit revoked.
    • While transporting weapons in a private motor vehicle or vessel they will be secured in a container or compartment, but it is not required to be locked.
    • Magazine capacity will not exceed 20 rounds for pistols in certain cities or jurisdictions.
     If carrying, transporting and storing firearms in Washington, D.C., the following requirements apply:
    • Concealed carry is legal with a D.C. permit only.
    • If you do not have a permit, the firearm must be unloaded, stored in a locked container, other than the glove compartment or console, and ammunition stored separately.
    • Magazine capacity will not exceed 10 rounds.

    We hope this information is helpful as you continue to travel regularly around the base and the surrounding region. 
     Handgun Wear and Carry Permit -
    Maryland Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map & Gun Laws -
    Maryland Code, Criminal Law § 4-203 -
    Maryland Code, Criminal Law § 4-305 -
    Virginia Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map & Gun Laws -
    Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit Reciprocity and Recognition -
    Virginia §18.2-287.4. Carrying loaded firearms in public areas prohibited; penalty. -
    District of Columbia Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map & Gun Laws -
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