11th Comptroller Squadron

Please allow our team 5-7 business days to research and
respond to your inquiry.

Daily Customer Service Hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mon-Wed and Fri
*We are closed on Thursdays for Training*

For military in-processing, please submit a travel voucher through eFinance:

  For all other inquiries, please use the Comptroller Services Portal (CSP):
To expedite your request, please include a descriptive explanation of your issue, your SSN, and your phone number. 
For example: I have debt in the amount of $123.00 on my Oct LES. My SSN is 123-45-6789 and my phone number is 987-654-3210.

For customers unable to use CSP (i.e. your email does not end in @us.af.mil email), please send a descriptive explanation of your concern, your SSN, and your phone number via email to the appropriate org box listed below, and add "UNABLE TO USE CSP" to the subject line:

Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling and Civilian Travel/PCS/Real Estate: afdw.fm.bolling.customer.service.mil.pay@us.af.mil
Worldwide Mission/Attaché: afdw.fm.attache@us.af.mil
 Pentagon: afdw.fm.pentagon.customer.service@us.af.mil
Civilian Pay: 11CPTS.CIV.PAY@us.af.mil
DTS/GTC: 11CPTS.GTC.DefenseTravelSys@us.af.mil


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