Military and Family Life Counseling (MFLC) Program
The Military and Family Life Counseling Program supports service members, their families and survivors with non-medical counseling worldwide. Trained to work with the military community, military and family life counselors deliver valuable face-to-face counseling services, briefings and presentations to the military community both on and off the installation.

MFLC Diversity and Inclusion Flyer
MFLC Program Brochure
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Military & Family Life Counseling Program - Phone Number: (202) 302-2688
SAPR Information
AF SAPR Information
24/7 hotline: (202) 767-7272
 JBAB: 220 Brookley Ave., Bldg 4, JBAB, Washington DC, 20032
(202) 404-5465
 Pentagon: office 5B348A
(703) 614-9817
Navy SARC Information
24/7 National Capital Region Duty SAPR VA helpline: (202) 258-6717 
SARC Cell: (202) 257-0843
Office Number: (202) 767-7710

DoD SAFE HELPLINE:  (877) 995-5247,, or by texting 55247
Official AF SAPR Website: 
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