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NEWS | Feb. 21, 2023

11th Wing manifests bright future on JBAB, releases strategic plan

By Tech. Sgt. Kayla White Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Public Affairs

The 11th Wing released its Strategic Plan on Feb. 21, defining the Commander’s strategic purpose and vision for the Wing and, by extension, the entirety of Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling.
The Wing made history in October 2020 when it became JBAB’s host unit during the first-ever Department of Defense lead service transfer from Navy to Air Force command. Over the past two and a half years, the Wing and its mission partners accomplished 126 mission milestones across 12 functional areas to reach Full Operational Capability.

“Our team has executed more than $58 million in base infrastructure projects, including generational improvements to facilities, technology architecture, quality of life improvements and public work,” said Air Force Col. Catherine “Cat” Logan, JBAB and 11th Wing commander. “But our work is far from finished. We have a great deal to accomplish in the future to set the conditions for JBAB's future development as a dynamic, strategic asset of the Air Force, Navy, and Department of Defense.”

The plan defines the Wing’s strategic vision, values, priorities and goals to move its “Flock,” made up of civilian and military members, to a desired future state.

“Our strategic plan sets the azimuth for continued growth in our partnerships, readiness, innovation, development and engagement with our military and civilian communities,” said Command Chief Master Sgt. Clifford Lawton, JBAB senior enlisted leader and 11th Wing command chief. “We're excited for the direction this Wing is headed and the incredibly talented and committed workforce here on JBAB. We can't wait for what the future brings.”

The Wing will develop specific tasks and objectives aligned with the outlined priorities of Partnerships, Readiness, Innovation, Development and Engagement, or P.R.I.D.E., as outlined below:

P: The 11th Wing will build enduring relationships within the Flock, with mission partners and customers around the world.
“The 11th Wing is the host wing to more than 70 mission partners and 22,000 teammates and residents on JBAB who work tirelessly to ensure security and mission success throughout the National Capital Region and around the globe,” said Lawton. “We must continue to strengthen these relationships, enhancing interagency cohesion through effective communication and teaming.”

R: The 11th Wing will establish and sustain personnel, programs, and processes to meet mission requirements.
“Healthy, resilient Flock members bring their best selves to the Flock and make the mission possible,” said Logan. “We believe in investing in our Flock members so they feel supported as people, empowered to fulfill their vital roles within the Wing and connected to the mission.”

I: The 11th Wing will create a culture that supports and encourages new ideas, processes, and procedures.
“Diversity is key to innovation and innovation is key to Air and Space Power,” said Lawton. “Members of the 11th Wing come from all walks of life and bring with them a treasure-trove of experience, knowledge, and perspective that have proven invaluable as they learned to navigate the unique challenges inherent to standing up a Wing and becoming JBAB’s lead service.”

D: The 11th Wing will provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.
“The 11th Wing is made up of stellar Flock members who have demonstrated unparalleled dedication, talent, and resilience over the last couple of years, as we achieved Full Operational Capability of the lead service transfer, stood up the 11th Wing on JBAB, and navigated the challenges of COVID,” said Logan. “We are committed to providing environments and opportunities for those driven members to continue to grow and thrive. Everything they gain individually enhances the capabilities of the Flock overall and, in the bigger sense, the Air Force as a whole.”

E: The 11th Wing will strengthen outreach with Community Partners and Supporters outside the military.
“Being ‘The Chief’s Own’ in the diverse, dynamic heart of the National Capital Region with our unique missions, we have both a profound opportunity and responsibility to engage meaningfully with members outside our walls,” said Lawton. “Every effort we make to build positive rapport cultivates a foundation of mutual understanding, support, and trust.”
Members of the Flock and their mission partners accomplished a historic feat in standing up the 11th Wing. They maintained and improved day-to-day operations and met mission requirements, all while simultaneously building structure, and establishing new processes and procedures from the ground up.

The Strategic Plan is designed to provide clarity and direction to members of the 11th Wing and their mission partners as they continue to forge ahead, bringing JBAB to its full potential.
View the full-length 11th Wing Strategic Plan