1. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
  2. White House Communications Agency (WHCA)
  3. United States Secret Service (USSS), Special Services Division
  4. Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX-1)
  5. Joint Air Defense Operations Center (JADOC)
  6. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), Washington Field Office (DCFO)
  7. U.S. Coast Guard, Station Washington (USCG)
  8. Navy Engineering and Logistics Office (NELO), Office of Special Projects (OPS)
  9. U.S. Navy Ceremonial Guard (USNCG)
  10. Executive Office of the President, Office of Administration
  11. Defense Commissary Agency (DECA)
  12. JBAB Supported Service Representative (SSR)
  13. Headquarters Air Force Continuity of Operations (COOP) Division (AFDW/A3C)
  14. U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Center, Marine Corps Advisory Company A (MCAC A)
  15. U.S. Marine Corps 8th and I Motor Pool
  16. Civilian Aviation Intelligence Analysis Center (CAIAC)
  17. National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC)
  18. National Aviation Intelligence Integration Office (NAI2O)
  19. Army-Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
  20. Secretary of the Air Force, Sensitive Activities Office (SAF/AAH)
  21. Secretary of the Air Force, Cyber Space for Force Development (AF/A2/6)
  22. Secretary of the Air Force, Acquisition (SAF/AQ)
  23. Naval Supply (NAVSUP) Postal
  24. Navy Lodge
  25. Office of Naval Research (ONR), PMR-51
  26. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)
  27. Blind Industries and Services of Maryland (Ability One)
  28. Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed)
  29. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) Thrift Shop
  30. Air Force Officers Spouses Club (AFOSC) Thrift Shop
  31. Naval District Washington (NDW) Fleet and Family Readiness (F&FR)
  32. Navy Exchange (NEX)
  33. Bolling Family Housing, Hunt Companies
  34. Liberty Military Housing
  35. Air Force Area Defense Counsel (AFADC)
  36. Secretary of the Air Force, Administrative Assistant Office, Executive Oversight Board (SAF/AAO/EOB)
  37. Air Force A3Q/A3QA
  38. Secretary of the Air Force, Director of Special Programs, Accounting and Finance Office (SAF/FMFD)
  39. Secretary of the Air Force, Inspector General (SAF/IGQ)
  40. Headquarters Air Force, Air Education and Training Command (AETC/HC)
  41. Headquarters Air Force, Safety
  42. Secretary of the Air Force, Small Business Programs (SAF/SB)
  43. Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs (SAF/IAPA)
  44. Air Force Developmental Publishing Office (AFDPO)
  45. Air Force Program Executive Office, Combat Mission Support (AFPEO/CM)
  46. Air Force A30
  47. Civil Air Patrol (CAP), National Capital Wing, The Colonel Louisa S. Morse Center for Civil Air Patrol History
  48. Navy Personnel Support Activity Detachment (PSD), Bethesda/Washington
  49. Air Force Futures (formerly AFWIC)
  50. Howard University Hospital, WIC Center
  51. Learn DC Public Charter School
  52. Navy Facilities Command (NAVFAC), Transportation
  53. Naval District Washington (NDW), Navy Small Arms Training Center (SATC)
  54. Naval District Washington, Navy Fire and Emergency Services (Fire and EMS)
  55. Naval District Washington, Kennel Master
  56. U.S. Post Office
  57. Air Force Current Operations Division (AF/A3OB)
  58. Air Force Historical Support Division (HOH)
  59. Department of the Air Force, Rapid Capabilities Office
  60. Air Force Readiness Integration Organization, Detachment 7
  61. HQ AFE Programs, Air Force Defense Sensitive Support (SE1004)
  62. District of Columbia (DC) Army National Guard