For general housing and contact information for unaccompanied and on-base privatized options visit the centralized Air Force housing information site. 
Air Force Housing Website
Resident Advocate
The Resident Advocate (RA) program is designed to be a tool for residents in military housing. The RA works with command to address any concerns that might have been overlooked in the process. The resident must contact the housing office first to place a work order. If the resident is not getting a response, they need to reach out to the Military Housing Office (MHO). If the resident is still not able to get a timely answer or resolution to an issue, they should reach out to the RA for intervention.
Resident Advocate: 717-202-9404
Military Housing Office: 240-216-9625
Resident Council
The Resident Council has a representative from each neighborhood. They meet once a month to discuss trends, concerns, and possible ways to affect positive change in military housing. If you are having an issue in your community or you feel like there are unidentified trends, please reach out to your community representative.
Billy Mitchell Estates
Doolittle-Brandie Berish  
New Hickam/Westover
Housing Policies
Here is a list of the current policies for JBAB Housing.
Pet Policy
Leadership Corner
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